The God Of Peace By John Dear Summary

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John Dear is a theologian, peace activist, and priest. With his background in Christianity and peacemaking, Dear has written many books, including The God of Peace. The God of Peace: Toward a Theology of Nonviolence capitalizes on the history of Christianity and the aspects of the roots of nonviolence. John Dear captures his ideas in 20 chapters in his book that all include different themes like “God Is Nonviolent,” “The Sin of Violence,” and “The Sacraments of Nonviolence.” (Dear, p. VIII) With so many themes and chapters, Dear answers many questions on the history of nonviolence in the Christian religion and specifically the actions and impact of Jesus and God as nonviolent figures.

One of the best things that John Dear did in this book was pretty early. In the first chapter, Dear talks about the history of violence in theology. Although he does not have a distinct chronological order, he starts by giving an example of North American Christians. He also mentions key religious figures and establishing the thesis with facts of the study of theology and nonviolence. (Dear, p.3) In his introduction Dear talks about peaceful and religious figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Dorothy
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Being raised as a Christian you only get one side of stories until you study others. The God of Peace is very Pro-Christian but filled with knowledge from all sorts of directions. Not only does it have substance but it also has addresses frequently presented counterpoints, that even as a Christian, I had. The less I knew, I had a fear of God in a standoff way but now I have a fear of God in a way where I understand the control and might that is possessed but the love and embracing that I can claim from God. This is only because of the Theology courses that I have taken in my educational career, where we got to read things like The God of Peace and Peacemaking and the Challenge of Violence in World

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