Themes In Gothic Literature

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The common elements and themes in Gothic Literature create unity amongst the genre to instil the emotions of fear, horror and suspense. The ways in which The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Woman in Black directed by James Watkins portray the themes of isolation and madness through elements such as context, symbolism and tone. How each text presents these themes is integral to the diverse perspectives which make Gothic literature popular.

The emotions of fear, horror and suspense emitted by isolation are achieved using different elements. Isolation is the separation of a person or thing from people or places. The Woman in Black and The Yellow Wallpaper each portray isolation differently, though to the same effect.

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The narrator was suffering from depression and was told by her husband John, a physician, to rest, this treatment was known as the rest cure. Essentially, the rest cure was sitting around not doing anything that can stimulate the brain. The narrator wasn 't allowed to socialise with friends, connect with her child and spent most of her time with her husband away. She is forced for the summer to live in a massive room with a horrid wallpaper. Imagine not being able to socialise with more than a coulee of people for three months and never being able to leave the vicinity of your house. This isolation causes fear, horror and suspense in …show more content…
Without isolation, the audience would not feel the same emotions as they experience currently. Isolation is a key aspect in creating unity amongst the genre of Gothic literature though the texts explain isolation in different ways. It is through isolation that they are both considered Gothic literature.

Madness is another major theme in many Gothic literature texts. Madness is evident in both The woman in black and the yellow wallpaper. Madness can be shown using many different techniques such as pace, music, and tone. Madness is when a character acts out of the norm or different from what is expected. It is through madness that The Woman in Black and The yellow wallpaper are connected to Gothic literature though providing different interpretations of madness.

In The woman in black Jennet Humphries aka the woman in black is seen as being insane. She has gone mad because of the isolation forced upon her by her sister Alice and her husband Charles. In The woman in black Jennet is quoted as saying "never forgive never forget" she repeats this phrase after Arthur returns the body of Nathanial to her grave. She does not take what many would think of as common sense and stop haunting the village of Crythin Gifford but instead decides that her work is not yet done and she must continue to punish the townspeople. Also, another fact that makes her mad is that instead of being a peaceful ghost she

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