Themes In Alice In Wonderland

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Register to read the introduction… Following the Cheshire Cat’s guidance, Alice then go find the Mad Hatter for she believes that he can help her to shape her identity because he has met Alice before. At the tea-party, there are the Dormouse, the March Hare, and the Hatter. The first thing, which he says to Alice is “it’s you!” However, the Dormouse corrects him, and says she is the wrong Alice. The Hatter disregards this claim, and tells everyone that she is “absolutely Alice! I’d know you anywhere”. The dispute between the Hatter and the Dormouse, if Alice is the right one or not, resembles Alice's progress in adapting into the one that Wonderland needs. The climax of the movie is that when Alice gets ready for the battle against the Jabberwocky, she recites six impossible things, which now she finds possible. By reciting these impossible things, she establishes the reality of Wonderland and her role within it, as its saviour. In Tim Burton’s movie, when Alice leaves Wonderland, she brings with her the experiences. Alice decides not to get married, and proposes to her father’s old colleague that they should trade with China. Alice is then last seen on a trading boat looking into the horizon, getting ready to travel

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