Tranio In The Taming Of The Shrew

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Tranio’s character in the taming of the shrew is crucial to the development of the play. On his journey to Padua with his master Lucentio he shows how loyal he is when his master falls in love with a wealthy merchants daughter. Tranio helps Lucentio win Bianca without questioning his master. In the play, Tranio shows that he is quick on his feet with his witty responses helping guide Bianca and Lucentio together. He is consistent throughout the play, leading him to be successful in his plan.
From the beginning of the play Tranio is obedient to his master. Once Lucentio claims that he loves Bianca, Tranio starts plotting a way for them to be together. Tranio immediately follows the orders of Lucentio when he informs Tranio that they are going to switch clothes and that Tranio will pretend to be Lucentio. He does not even question his master or doubt his plan. In act one scene one lines 211-212 Tranio says “I am content to be Lucentio, Because so well I love Lucentio.” His master is able to trust him because he knows how much Tranio cares for him. His devotion and love for Lucentio is portrayed through his faithfulness as a servant and his desire to ensure Lucentio is happy.
In addition to this, Tranio
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He speaks without consulting Lucentio first. When Gremio asks Baptista for Bianca’s hand in marriage Tranio knows exactly what to say and appears to be the better suitor. He constantly offers more than what Gremio has but it is also more than Lucentio has to offer. In Baptita’s eyes Lucentio is the favorable suitor. Tranio creates a falsified image of what Lucentio actually has to offer Bianca. Tranio’s pretentiousness is put on display when he boasts about the land he claims he owns, his extravagant furniture and his father’s tremendous wealth. Finding a solution to every problem with fabricated lies leads Tranio to achieve his goal, which is Baptista’s approval of him as

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