Theme Of The Wednesday Wars

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An important theme in The Wednesday Wars is if someone is kind to others they most likely will be kind to that person back. Events that support it is when Holling apologizes to Meryl
Lee, when Danny gives up his mickey Mantle ball for Holling and when Mrs. Baker gets two
Yankee players to come and play with Doug, Danny and Holling. Holling is very mad at Meryl
Lee because she showed her father Hollings drawing and he used it. Then Holling realized how much Meryl Lee was sorry, so he was sorry to. "'I thought you might be thirsty,' I said"(schmidt
153). That quote supports the theme because Holling is beginning to be kind to Meryl Lee and they become very nice to each other. Holling rushes over to the Baker sporting emporium to get
Mickey Mantles

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