Theme Of Superstition In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar is a tragedy play which displays countless instances of superstitions, supernatural and omens which foreshadow Caesar’s faith. It is one of the few plays by William Shakespeare which he wrote about true historical events in Roman history. Julius Caesar was originally published in the First Folio in 1623, having purely authoritative text about the play. However, it’s first performance was mentioned by Thomas Platter the Younger in his diary, which dates September 1599 . It is a play admired by many due to its successful use of omens and superstitions, which is what this essay will deal with.
Superstition has been used by many writers including Shakespeare due to some of its advantages. For example, it develops characters or occasionally even gives them a purpose, such as the soothsayer in Julius Caesar in act 1. Superstition also thrills and relates to the
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This has been displayed in many plays such as King Lear, Hamlet and Macbeth. The superstition in this play has been used to depict a sense of mystery and menace that hung over Julius Caesar, to the point of success where audiences in which audiences were left in shock to see Caesar ignoring these superstitions as they themselves would have. The characters in the play responded almost consistently throughout the play, warning Caesar of what is to come and watching Caesar dismiss these superstitions. Perhaps the play has a sense of irony around Caesar’s carelessness when considering his final fate. The audience already knows Caesar’s fate, yet they find themselves hoping that perhaps he will listen to the superstitions that were told to him. In conclusion, one can state that the superstition and supernatural used in Julius Caesar were used successfully, conveying emotions and moods of the play as well as driving the plot of the play forward in a smooth

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