Importance Of Relationship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The book “Of Mice and Men” tells a story of two low class migrant workers who travel to a ranch, in search for a better future and better life. A story consisting of friendship, hope, struggle, and tragedy. Two brother like friends, George and Lennie, with a very strong , deep, and rather difficult to handle relationship plays a major factor in the story. The author John Steinbeck, made George and Lennie’s relationship rather complicated by having the characters not only go through arguments, disagreements, and tragedies. But also makes the relationship rather special, and makes it into a strong friendship, almost like a brotherhood.As it is the main idea of the story, George and Lennie travel together in order to find a new job after …show more content…
“He hates big guys, he's alla time picking fights with big guys. Kind of like he's mad at em because he ain't a big guy”(candy on Curley hating Lennie, page 26, chapter 2)And even more trouble comes when Curley’s wife meets them and Lennie finds him attracted to her (which would later prove to be his downfall). All of Lennie’s problems causes even more trouble for George as he describes,”i got you! You can't keep a job and you lose me every job i get.” you get in trouble, you do bad things and i got to get you out.”(page 12 chapter 1).Nevertheless, George and Lennie still looked forward on to work on the ranch and achieve their goal.One thing that stands out from both of the main characters, is their many differences from the other workers in the ranch. George and Lennie came in together unlike most of the workers that are hired in the ranch. Both George and Lennie would look after each other when none of the workers would. “Hardly none of the guys travel together. You know how the hands are, they just come in and get their bunk and work a month, then they quit and go out alone. Never seem to give a damn about anybody.”(slim in page 39, chapter 3).Both George and Lennie have a friendship unlike the workers in the ranch, also, George and Lennie strive to get a small farm and land like the other workers, however, both of them allow old candy to help them and be a part of their goal and team. From page 57 to 60 in chapter 3, George,Lennie,and Old candy talk about making plans to buy the ranch for them to live in, and George ultimately lets Candy in and allow him to help.”Dont tell nobody about it, jus’ us three an nobody else.”(George’s warning in page 60,chapter 3).All three men had a vision of a perfect future, unfortunately, their future holds something else for them.The relationship of George and Lennie was a special bond of two childhood friends who looked after

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