Theme Of Love In A View From The Bridge

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In the play, “A View From The Bridge” by Arthur Miller has many themes incorporated into the story. However, the one theme that fits into the story the most is love and hate. In the play, Eddie and his niece Catherine have a relationship that begins with them caring for one another that is similar to a father-daughter relationships, however due to certain actions taken by Eddie, their relationship starts to change. Depending on how people act, love can evolve into hatred. Such was the case in Eddies and Catherine 's relationship.
The love between Eddie and Catherine is that of an uncle and niece, but can be seen as a father-daughter relationship. Eddie is a very strong father figure to her and the man of the house. Eddie is very protective of Catherine in both positive and negative ways. When Eddie says "I took out of my own mouth to give to her; I took out of my own mouth," this shows how much he loves and cares for Catherine and will do anything to protect and look after her. But his love for her is obsessive and possessive. Catherine is old enough to go out to work, and to attract the attention of the young men as she
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What Hamilton is implying is that someone into a hateful person is love. This quote relates to the theme of love and hate because of the way that Eddie and Catherine’s relationship ends up. Eddie and Catherine had a father-daughter relationship that ended in hatred because Eddie tried to ruin her relationship with Rodolpho. The outcome of a person 's actions can change one 's relationship of love into one of hatred. This was shown in Eddies and Catherine 's relationship in a “ A View from the Bridge” by Arthur Miller. Eddie’s relationship with Catherine relationship at first is a relationship of love between uncle and niece, however due to the actions taken by Eddie due to his jealousy, changed his relationship with Catherine into one of

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