Theme Of Irony In A Doll's House

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Irony within A Doll House

Throughout the play, A Doll House by author Henrik Ibsen, the author attempts to incorporate many ironic situations to really accentuate and Heighten the drama that occurs in the story. There are many descriptions that can go on noticed by the reader that can actually imply so much more if you critically think about statement. Usually these descriptions are what amplify a character to a much immerse degree by what is inclined. Ibsen really focuses on many aspects of gender roles that that can inflict many internal as well as external conflicts. There is one character in particular that really implicates irony into the plot line due to his family inheritance and his disease that he has developed within the story.The
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Dr. Rank is a very close and intimate friend of the Helmer family since he has been friends with Torvald since childhood. He basically visits them every day and is specifically close to Nora since she is so comfortable with him. In the story Dr. Rank informs the reader that his financial status seems to be satisfactory due to his father 's inheritance. Later on in the story Dr. Rank confesses to Nora, since they confide in each other so much, that he has Lost all of his fortune. He states “These past few days I 've been auditing my internal accounts. Bankrupt! Within a month I 'll probably be laid out and rotting in the churchyard.” (Ibsen 733). Here, Dr. Rank is referring to his disease and even though might not be talking specifically about his condition, he references his corpse rotting in a churchyard. With this statement, Dr. Rank shows the irony of how he is in a very critical health condition which could potentially die …show more content…
The author includes many of the customs from the country he was born in which is Norway. He uses the gender roles within a relationship and marriage to show the difference between control and manipulation. Henrik also highlights specific characters and how they portray irony into the play’s plot line. Lastly, Ibsen includes Norwegian festivities and other traditions that the characters have incorporated into their own cultural traditions to give a more symbolic meaning to their

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