Individualism In Huck Finn

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¨The Individual¨
As individuals exclude themselves from their “civilized society” they gain a sense of individualism by question society's use of slavery and racism to strip people from their independence. When individuals kept themselves away from accepting the common norms of the society in which they live, they gain a sense of independence. Depicted in The Adventures Of Huck Finn, Mark Twain reveals Huck's character to be uneducated and self-deprecating. He asserts the hypocrisy of a “civilized” society during 1844 where Huck established himself as an individual by not conforming with society’s “standards”. The character Widow Douglas wants to civilize Huck because he has ¨no manners,” which, in her mind, means he’s destined for hell.
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In the historical nonfiction account, What we Fought For, by James McPherson, uses realism to show the audience how the confederate soldiers showed their independence, which retells the motivation of those who fought to the Civil War. McPherson develops his account by emphasizing the soldiers movitives in order to achieve individualism and through letters that they had wrote in order to provide a person's views that had provided immensity.The historian's purpose is to inform the people about the motivation for fighting. This can be shown when a new jersey officer declares, ¨We will be held responsible before god if we don't do our part in helping to transmit this boon of civil and religious liberty down to succeeding generation¨. This shows how the soldiers will be independent and responsibilities for themselves as they try to help their nations get rid of all of the civil and religious liberty because they don't want it to be passed on to generations. The analist recollets ¨The theme of parallel sacrifice with patriots of 1776 punctuated the letters of many Union soldiers¨. The Union soldiers are repeating after the predecessors. This is important because both sides are …show more content…
Widow wants to civilize him because he has ¨no manners¨ which means he'll go to hell. Huck's character has ¨no manners¨ because he ¨puts his feet up¨, he ¨scrunches¨, he ¨gap & stretches¨, he just does not behave said by Widow Douglas. (para.6). This example is proving that Huck does not care about nothing and has ¨no manners¨. This supports the assertion because in the text Widow Douglas says ¨why don't you behave¨ (para.6). Which reveals that Huck does not inform the rules of the Bible. Widow Douglas was talking to Huck about the ¨Good Place¨ (para. 7). This example proves that Widow Douglas believes in the ¨good place¨ and she wants Huck to go. This supports the assertion because Widow Douglas wants Huck to go to the good place which he questions what itś like and if his recent society will be there as well because if it is he rather stick to being an individual and have his own kind of knowledge. This is important because the white society believes and has a thought on how heaven is, but that's not true what they think. Their interpretation is demonstrative of their capricious religious

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