Analysis Of James Mcpherson's Emphasizing The Civil War

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Emphasizing the battle for victory through ideological and moral factors during the great divide between the Union and the Confederacy, James McPherson serves as one of the greatest post-Civil War writers in America’s history. His analysis provides an insightful argument that Union and Confederate soldiers knew what they were fighting for. The novel is captivating as it presents the Confederate’s cause, the Union’s cause, and both sides view of slavery as a factor of the war. Although much of McPherson’s writing contains phrases and quotes from soldier’s wartime letters and other views from earlier writers, the author achieved his purpose of analyzing the motivations of the soldiers and challenging the argument that many soldiers were unaware of the purpose and cause of the Civil War. His analysis influenced Americans to understand the mindset, persistence, and determination of the soldiers engulfed in one of the most horrendous wars on American soil. His work allowed for the comparison between Union and Confederate soldiers on many issues and concerns that caused the long, drown out war for independence and liberty. His novel commences with an outline of the next few chapters …show more content…
McPherson wrote in a manner that addressed each concern and question with evidence from those experiencing the hardship. His straightforward method showed his dedication to writing a true and accurate account of the Civil War. The reader is easily able to identify and understand why each army fought and why and how slavery was perceived by individuals during the war. Although he did not use illustrative materials, his use of personal accounts and quotes of soldiers strengthen his argument and further convinces his audience that the men engulfed in the Civil War possessed a strong sense of understanding about why they fought for such freedom and

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