Heroism In Beowulf By Seamus Heaney

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Today our world is filled with everyday heroes displaying all kinds of extraordinary needs for others. Through her heroic acts, Malala represents the epitome of an idealistic everyday hero by taking a stand against extreme violence in order for women to receive the equality of education rights for women. Her heroic actions, especially getting shot in the head while fighting for what she believes in, shows her loyalty and bravery to the people, furthermore displaying her as a hero. Just like Malala demonstrates her heroic actions, throughout the poem, Beowulf by Seamus Heaney, the Anglo-Saxton protagonist, Beowulf, exhibits the ideal characteristics that apply to the definition of a hero. Similar to all heroes, Beowulf proposes the quality of …show more content…
Although Beowulf wants to be seen as a fearless leader by fighting the dragon alone, his soldiers disagree with him and join him in the battle to kill the demon. Before Beowulf goes into battle with the fire-breathing dragon, Wiglaf says to the other soldiers, “Let us go to him/help our leader through the hot flame and dread of fire” (2648-2650). Through these actions of the soldiers, they continually show the friendship they have with him by not allowing Beowulf to go battle alone. As a reward for Beowulf defeating Grendel’s mother, the king bestows a multitude of riches among Beowulf As Beowulf finishes his second battle with Grendel’s mother, he complements the generosity of the king: “Let Hrethel’s son take note of it and see that I found a ring-giver of rare magnificence and enjoyed the good of his generosity” (1485-1487). Because King ____ granted Beowulf with these priceless materials, he develops the general atmosphere with his generosity towards Beowulf. Although Beowulf put up a strong fight, he unfortunate was killed by the dragon, but because of the friendship throughout the town, the people of the city of Geat gathered to go to Beowulf’s funeral. During his funeral, “his warriors laid him in the middle of it/ mourning a lard far-famed and beloved”, showing affection and love towards all the heroic deeds he has achieved (3141-3141). Although the death of Beowulf is quite depressing, the townspeople displayed their friendship they had with Beowulf by supporting and mourning the loss of a friend. As the heroic values come to a conclusion, the qualities of friendship and generosity are greatly demonstrated throughout the

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