Theme Of Evil In Antigone

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But Creon thought I was in the wrong.” (Lines 1026) As Antigone prays to her brother, Polyneices about what has happened.Antigone brings a contrast of things from Creon to the story. The theme develops as Creon’s characteristics are shown more and more. He is ruthless and selfish, Creon is too focused on being that he forgot about the consequences of his laws that he established.
Creon’s decree states that by all means Polyneices shall not be buried. Polyneices sister, Antigone disagrees with that and believes in her religion that the dead should be buried, and shown respect. “My honours for the dead must last much longer than for those up here”(Lines 92-93) When Antigone buries her brother and Admits to doing so,Creon feels disrespected.
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These conflicts motivates him to makes sure Antigone suffers. Creon has the body to be unburied and left out to be disintegrated. By doing this, the birds ate the body and gave out an unknown cry of evil, angry screaming. When the bird was put out as a burnt offering, instead its guts burst open and spewed in a bubbly form. This shows that the gods are angry with Creon because of his harsh actions and hardheadedness. Antigone knew what was right and did what was right but instead, Creon did not care for what she thought, for he was king and would not even think about changing his decree especially because Antigone did not show remorse for the crime that she committed.
In conclusion, Antigone did what was right but was still punished;And for her punishment ,The king, Creon, was also punished. Antigone killed herself, and when haemon discovered her dead, hanging body, he killed himself also. Creon tried to free Antigone after he was brought to the realization that he too, would suffer. Because of his foolishness, selfishness, and not considering Antigone's side he became a Tragic hero losing his wife and son.”The most important part of true success is wisdom-not to act impiously towards the gods, for boasts of arrogant men bring on great blows of punishment”(Lines

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