Theme Of Death In The Great Gatsby

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The novel “The Great Gatsby” is the tragic story that described the life of the very emotional, determined and romantic person Jay Gatsby. He is the great man because he made everything by himself. Coming from the lower social status he achieved inaccessible for others respect and reputation among the high class society. Unfortunately, this pretentious and generous life was just an illusion and as gold outer shell glue with many bright stamps, but when the souvenir inside was gone this shell became just useless empty suitcase that people will throw out and forget about. The death and funeral was full of the emotional moments that are contradicting to the mood of happiness at the beginning of the story. The author used many literary devices such as irony, imagery and mood to portray the emotional status of the Gatsby’s death in the novel.
The one of the most important efficient devices did F. Scott. Fitzgerald use to convey the mood in the novel “The Great Gatsby” after Gatsby’s death and during his funeral is irony. By using the literary element of irony author compared the colorful and pleasured life of the main character Jay Gatsby to his frustrated and
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He portrayed how Jay Gatsby’s death was important for police, photographers and journalists. Nick described “endless drill of police and newspaper men stretched along the main gate of the huge mansion” (pg. 163). They all were interested in the death of the famous person and find out the most important fact that will involve readers in the story. There are also elements of rush and vanity within the Gatsby’s death. However, when the people that never actually saw the Great Gatsby and came to see are shocking in fact that most important people in Gatsby’s life did not even made an attempt to present o the funeral. Within the chapter nine in the novel the mood of rush and frustration also involved during the first new of Gatsby’s

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