Theme Of Color In Toni Morrison's Beloved

In this portion of the book, Sethe thinks about how the house of 124 is lacking color having dominant browns and greys. On top of that she remembers how the baby used to love color especially the color pink which is found in chips on her little gravestone. The colors that Sethe recalls in her memory symbolize how her so called “rememory” is blurred. She does not quite visualize the entire scene of the baby’s death so all of the colors throughout her life begin to blend together into the greys and browns that are found entirely throughout the house. Color plays a huge role in Beloved. It indicates how characters are feeling about their environment. The two orange squares of the quilt on the bed in which Baby Suggs passed on are mesmerizing to those who notice them. The young girl Beloved stared at them while she was in the room which signified the colors importance and not only her but Paul D as well. The action of noticing the orange squares on the quilt seemed to solve the blurred …show more content…
This dark and sinful smell foreshadows the events that follow after the death of “grandma baby”. Baby Suggs senses that darkness is going to come into the life of her daughter-in-law, Sethe, in the form of high top shoes that she dislikes. This form of darkness that she senses is Beloved. Beloved was dressed in new clothes including the high top shoes that Baby Suggs disliked so much that Toni Morrison stated it back to back! This usage of foreshadowing is used as preparation for the following darkness that consumes Sethe. Beloved begins to torment Sethe and Denver by withering their own mother away. Eventually Denver is forced to leave the haunted 124 in order to help her mom survive by collecting donations of food through the church. She also spreads the word on what is happening to her mom and people think that it is a fair punishment for what Sethe did to her baby eighteen years

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