Theme Of Abandonment By Willy Loman

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Abandonment and the Lomans No one knows the pain of abandonment unless they have experienced it personally.
Abandonment can make someone feel unworthy; like they do not deserve attention or affection. Some children who are abandoned by someone they love or trust tend to have a hard time developing trusting or healthy relationships in their lives. Arthur Miller explores this emotional roller coaster in his play Death of a Salesman. He shows how these feelings can turn into actions. He also demonstrates how those who have not experienced abandonment find these feelings hard to understand. The Lomans are a perfect example of this. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, each character feels a sense of abandonment and each fights his or her own internal battle with fulfillment or unhappiness.
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Willy Loman is abandoned by his father, brother, employer, wife, and sons. Each of these characters who should have taken care of and loved him left him feeling lonely and disappointed in the end. Happy and Biff Loman are two boys who never truly grew up. They spent their lives either wallowing in the mistake of another or trying too hard to impress someone else. Because of these detrimental factors, they abandoned their true dreams and along with everything that should have been important to them. Linda Loman was a strong woman who desired to have a perfect family. However, as her family grew up and did nothing but leave her alone and upset her, she found herself abandoning them one by one. There is a thin line between love and hate and each of these characters belonging to the Loman family crossed the line frequently. They tore each other apart emotionally and physically. Abandonment is a detrimental factor to the mind and heart and each of the characters in Miller’s Death of a Salesman is a strong representation of

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