Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay

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Their eyes were watching god In her novel, “their eyes were watching God” Zora Neale Hurston looks at the life of a young negro lady from the eyes of the society around her. From the reserved and dominated girl under the influence of her grandmother Nanny, mother leafy, and her husband Jody (Joe) Starks to a self emancipated , sexually liberated women. The three main character traits that can be seen in Janie that most women in her time did not have is that Janie is a feminist, a free spirited woman, and a conscientious woman at the same time. Janie’s free spirited nature guided her into self realization against the physical, emotional and psychological torture she experienced through her voice or sometimes her silence.
Living in a society where women were considered as weaker sex who could only be defined by their beauty and their husband tags, Janie refused to be married to Logan Killicks as was arranged by Nanny. In the then society, women had no right over property, and a married woman was considered her husband’s property. Janie knew the loopholes and problems women faced in arranged marriages and did not want to be anyone’s property (Hurston). Even though being married to Logan would mean a better life, stable family and a lot more opportunities; she did not want to be in a loveless marriage for convenience (Simmons). Instead of seeking stability and security, Janie was looking for love in a marriage. To Nanny, Janie was a spoiled woman who would…

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