Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston Essay

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Reform, especially in present day politics, is always moderate at best; this logically follows from the internal clash of ideologies in any bureaucracy, especially a bipartisan one like that of the U.S. Even on a more micro scale, it seems that generally, decisions are now always as drastic as they are intended to be as a consequence of external and usually communal influence. This is evident in Zora Neale Hurston 's “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, as Janie Crawford reflects on what she truly desires and attempts to follow her own non conformist path. The novel begins with Janie explaining how in her relationship with her grandmother, she is forced to marry Logan Killiks, as her grandmother believed he could provide her a life of financial security and substantial comfort. Janie is aware that she does not have feelings for Logan, but she does not speak up against the marriage due to the pressure her grandmother puts on her. Throughout the courses of her three marriages to Logan, Joe, and Teacake, Janie experiences domestic and emotional violence on a somewhat frequent basis. Her conformist nature hinders her from leaving her abusive partners, especially from Joe Starks, an ambitious and career oriented business man; Janie recognizes that she is emotionally damaged, but stays with him until Teacake’s charm influences her to leave him for the younger man once Joe dies. Thereby, it is clear that although Janie definitely succeeds in defying societal norms, she does so only…

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