Essay on Theft in the Kite Runner

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During one’s life, they will be faced with situations that can influence the people surrounding them. The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini a novel based on the life of Amir, the son of a well-off Pashtun. Amir spends the majority of his life trying to please, and receive affection from his father, Baba. Amir and Baba had two Hazara servants; Hassan, and Ali, Hassan’s father. Hassan and Amir have been friends since birth despite their different social classes. Hassan has always gained the affection of Baba with less effort than Amir has, and for that reason, Amir begins to resent Hassan. After a series of unfortunate events, Ali and Hassan made the decision to leave the company of Baba and Amir to start a new life in Hazarajat. Later …show more content…
Throughout most of Amir’s life, he feels as if he is not good enough for Baba and that he cannot do anything right. Baba feels strongly that, “a boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up for anything.” (Hosseini 24). He later goes on to explain how Hassan will stand up to the neighborhood bullies contrary to Amir who stands by and is too scared to act. The fact that Baba gave more attention to Hassan than Amir created tension and jealousy between them. During a kite-flying tournament, Hassan went to retrieve their kite after winning and encountered bullies who wanted their kite. Hassan would not let the bully, Assef take the kite, and was raped by him. Amir had been watching this happen and selfishly did not step in or tell anyone about what he saw. Amir had what would be his last chance to show Baba that he wasn’t a coward and that he could stand up for himself, but instead he chose to protect himself. Naturally, Amir does feel tremendous amount of guilt from what he did. However, Amir did not tell anyone about Hassan being raped and did not receive any punishment from anyone. Amir craved this discipline so he could have this lie come off of his shoulders. The only way for Amir to get out of this lie is for Hassan to leave. Amir took the watch and money that he received for his birthday, and planted it in Hassan’s mattress to make it look like Hassan stole it. That night, Amir asks

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