The 's View On Free Will Essay

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Holbach’s View on Free Will
Paul Holbach was a French philosopher who is a hard determinist meaning that he believes determinism is true, and if determinism is true then you cannot have free will, therefore free will does not exist. In Paul Holbach 's “The Illusion of Free Will,” he argues that people don’t have any free will and that nature determines every human’s actions and will. Free will is the ability for one to perform an action without any outside force influencing them and to be able to be morally responsible for that action. Determinism is the belief where people’s actions and wills are caused by an external force rather their own will meaning no one can be held morally responsible for the outcome for that action. The dilemma of determinism is that either determinism or indeterminism is true. If determinism is true, then we do not have any control over what we do,so we cannot be held responsible for anything we do. If indeterminism is true, then the actions we do are random, also meaning we are not responsible for anything we do. One of the two must be true, and both state we are never responsible for what we do. Therefore, we are never responsible for what we do. Some philosophers deny the philosophers first premise and some deny the second, however Holbach agrees with the conclusion of this dilemma that we do not have free will and moral responsibility.
First, the reason Holbach believes in determinism is because every being is connected to nature and it is…

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