The 's Upon The Art Of War By Maurice De Saxe Essay examples

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In My Reveries upon the Art of War, Maurice de Saxe argues that military commanders must understand the fundamentals of warfare before pursuing innovation. The greatest lesson that De Saxe’s text reveals is that human nature can be controlled through discipline. This is apparent when examining how human nature differs from military culture and by considering how the military uses discipline to control human nature.
Adhering to the military culture is not ordinary to the nature of human beings. To simplify the many different philosophy’s regarding the nature of man, one can look at two opposing views. First, is the philosopher Hobbes who sees humans as “beasts” in pursuit of survival. He believes that by nature, humans are inherently bad and will be unruly, undisciplined, and selfish. Another perspective is from Rousseau, who sees humans as innately good and believes it is civilization that turns them into a "beast." To study human nature further, one must account for both views or that man is both good and evil. In the military culture, men and women are expected to act in a professional manner, be courageous, and take care of one another. The military’s team oriented environment connects well with Rousseau’s view and that of those who live by the “golden rule”, which is to do onto others as you would have done to you. However, man’s goodness may also lead to a reluctance to kill during war. The military institution is unique in that it holds the right to demand…

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