The 's Theory Of Processing Essay

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Dreams have been a highly debatable topic. There are so many reasons that we could be dreaming. Some think dreaming is an accident or glitch that our brains have. Others think there is real meaning behind what goes on in our heads when we sleep.

The word Dream means so much to different people; But the dictionary definition is, “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person 's mind during sleep.” Although it can happen in other stages of sleep, Dreaming usually happens during REM or Rapid Eye Movement. REM is the lightest stage of sleep and while in the REM stage brain activity is very high and almost resembles being awake. This stage of sleep is known by the continuous moving of the eyes during sleep. REM is also where the most frequent and vivid dreams come from.

The first reason we may dream is wish fulfillment. This is the “Psychoanalytic Theory of processing”. Even if we don’t know consciously, we may be hoping or wishing for something and the way it comes through to us is through our dreams. Freud Specifically believed in this.

The article 10 theories that explain why we dream by Annalee Newitz and Joseph Bennington-Castro says, “For example, say you have a terrifying and sad dream about your mother dying. Was this wish fulfillment? Maybe, Freud would say, you are having a conflict with your mother that would be easily resolved if she were not there. So you don 't want your mother to die, but you do want to deal with that…

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