The 's Scholarship, The King 's College Essay

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Elisha Burden
Founder’s Scholarship, The King’s College
October 27th, 2016
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Solomon counsels, that “Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, But the one who gathers by labor increases it”(Proverbs 13:11). With immorality at an all time high, there is a disappointing deficit of integrity driven individuals and corporations within society. Companies are far too often only invested in the typically conceived physical well being of the environment, and they neglect what is arguably of superior importance, the social environment. We live in a world riveted with narcissistic ambition, and the importance of business ethics is more crucial than ever. Businesses need to be conducting themselves in a manner that reaches beyond solely profit-based incentives. History proves, that if it is in people’s best interest to be ethical, the potential for genuine change is remarkably auspicious. Unscrupulousness and corruption in society are evidently inimical to the development of a healthy economy, yet corporations have taken no notable initiative to produce a substantial revision of such hindering conduct. A fulgent exception to this generalization, Gilbane Incorporated regulates all of its operations with a united emphasis rooted in ethics.
Gilbane incorporated is a family owned construction and facility management services firm with numerous locations dispersed around the world. In 1873 two brothers started a small carpentry business. They aimed to integrate loyalty, stability,…

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