The 's Got A Baby, By Rapper Tupac Shakur Essay

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“[Brenda] didn 't know, what to throw away and what to keep. She wrapped the baby up and threw him in the trash heap. I guess she thought she 'd get away. Wouldn 't hear the cries. She didn 't realize. How much the little baby had her eyes, now the baby 's in the trash heap balling.” A 1991 song “Brenda’s Got a Baby” by rapper Tupac Shakur vividly illustrates the harsh reality of many poor young girls dealing with unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is a controversial topic that has been around for decades with many groups of passionate activist for both stances on abortion; pro-life and pro-choice. Newborn life is a sacred and a valuable gift made possible by the most important figures of societies, mothers. There are many practical and brilliant abortion alternatives that are being overlooked by organizations and governments. Abortion raises many concerns in regards of ethics and logistics. The government needs to make abortion illegal altogether as it is unethical as well as impractical and together with the government, we the people need to join together to form and avail healthy alternatives for abortion.
The government needs to create a ban on abortion before many more pregnant women partake on a procedure that will cause lifelong psychological trauma and emptiness as describe by many of the survivors. This was the case with one of the survivors that bravely retold her story of her experience with the procedure. In an interview conducted by Operation Rescue, a pro-life…

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