The Zero Tolerance Policy By Kailey Burger And Meira Levinson

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The zero-tolerance policy was created to make the school environment safer for the students, the faculty and the community. The policy address violent actions, possession of weapons and drugs with suspension and expulsion. The standard protocol for zero-tolerance eliminates the individual’s moral decision making as every case is conducted in the same manner, no matter the circumstance. As presented in “Stolen Trust”, by Kailey Burger and Meira Levinson, a great teacher-student relationship is faced with a criminal case of a missing phone.
The setting of this case creates the classic environment for racial tension and inequality. To begin, let’s discuss the suspect. The man’s name is Wesley and is described as being teenaged, tall, “chocolate colored (pg.76)”, and expressing delinquent behavior on a normal basis. This kind of attitude has led to frequent suspensions in his freshman and sophomore years of school, to the point where he was nearly expelled. He has often rejected emotional and educational aid from his history teacher, Ms. Smith, prior to the tutoring sessions they had together. With a failing grade in history, a misbehaving reputation and his dark appearance, he would naturally fall guilty to committing this crime. Next is the victim, Ms. Smith. She is described as being a petite, white young adult with a bold personality. She enjoyed being challenged with teaching under-privileged students and she respected and liked them as much as they liked her. After her…

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