The Youth Tourism : A Popular Pursuit Amongst Volunteer Tourists

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Orphanage Tourism is a popular pursuit amongst Volunteer Tourists. Discuss the impacts (positive and/or negative) of Volunteer tourists in relation to this niche tourism product. Please use examples from Asia to support your argument. In the history of development economics, volunteering has been thought of as a positive force in development and aid work. As international travel has become increasingly more accessible to the general public, the tourism industry has grown and expanded. A trend that has emerged from this growth is Voluntourism; a way for travellers to engage in the typical tourist activities whilst also “giving something back” to the community. (Aquino, 2014). The Volunteer Tourism market has grown exponentially in the last decade, “A 2008 study by Tourism and Research Marketing, which surveyed 300 organisations, estimated the market size to be 1.6 million volunteer tourists per year and put the value of the market at around £1.3 billion.” (Stein, 2012). A popular pursuit amongst Volunteer Tourists is Orphanage Tourism. Volunteers often take part in “play time”, teach English or generally “help out”. They are promised by organisations and advertising that their contributions can “make a difference” in a poor, orphaned child 's life (Aquino, 2014). Similarly, the building of orphanages is generally seen as positive and altruistic (Wearing, Deville, & Lyons, 2008), (Simpson, 2003), (Simpson 2004). However, the downfall of this mentality is that it has…

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