Persuasive Speech Homeless

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I. Attention Getter: One of the biggest problems in the world today is homelessness. There are millions of people without home around the world right now. One of the most shocking facts that are more than a million of the homeless is kids. More than a million kids are on the street without a place to live. While most people take what they have for granted, there are kids that need help to get off the street.
II. Thesis: The StandUp For Kids organization is significant part when it finds a solution and helping kids that are homeless, so they can be safe and have somewhere warm to sleep.
III. Preview of Main Points: This speech will express the dangerous kids’ faces when homeless, the important research that is done about the
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Heerde and Hemphill in (2015) they stated, “by using numbers collecting by the city Los Angela they can find how many homeless youth there are.” The article shows the using statics that are already found a person can put them together to get more answer. In the article it found by on using number of youth who fight a lot, that most of them are homeless youths.
b) Subpoint: With the number of homeless youth increases the number research also increases.
i. Skott, Raby, and Nikolaou in (2008) stated, “more articles are being written on homeless youth.” This is a good thing because the more articles and study on homeless youth a person can find the major cause of it. The articles they found gave an in light on where homeless youth a higher act. It also gave information on the male and female ratio. These all good things that help with help homeless youth. ii. Ferguson and Xe in (2012) said, “schools are doing study to found out what it needs to do to help homeless students get help.” This shows that schools are doing everything that can get homeless youth help. The schools get their parent involves in the student life more and gives them something to look for. Schools are using different methods to stop youth from runaway or a less get an education to be

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