The Yalta Conference, John F. Kennedy 's Assassination Essay

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Over the centuries the United States has seen and been through a lot. For Example The Yalta Conference, John F. Kennedy’s assassination as well as the Hostage Crisis in Iran. These events have occurred throughout the United States History from 1876 to our present day. Yalta Conference February 1945, Allied leaders came together knowing that their victory in Europe was practically impossible of loosing. At Yalta Churchill and Roosevelt talked with Stalin about the Soviet Union joining in the Pacific War against Japan. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt all agreed it was crucial that the Soviet Union participate in the Pacific War. With the Soviet Union participating in the war they were granted that when Japan was to surrender they would have a influence in Manchuria. That means a share in operations of railroads as well as southern portions. At Yalta this was a major accomplishment that was concrete and in stone that Stalin couldn 't get out of. Another thing that happen at Yalta Conference was the Allied powers discussed what will occur with the take down of the axis powers. All three men agreed that when it came to governing Germany in postwar that France was included. They also made it clear that Germany should assume some leadership roles but not all responsibility for reparations. The British and Americans saw it fit that the nations of Eastern European nations around the Soviet Union would be “friendly” to the Soviets regime. Soviets said that they would allow free…

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