The Worst Agony Devised For Man Essay

1464 Words Nov 20th, 2014 null Page
“How could he do this to his wife and kids? Easy. Because what’s been called the worst agony devised for man doesn’t allow you to feel any emotion for kids, spouse, lover, parents.. even your beloved dog. And least of all yourself.” (Corliss 55) Suicide is a subject that is very close to my heart because of the loss of two amazing people, my best friend Emerald Wilkie and one of my childhood inspirations, Robin Williams. Robin dedicated all of his life to bringing joy to all that was around him. No one believed that a man so gifted at creating joy could be so emotionally crippled on the inside. “Robin went and sat off to the side. And in that moment, his face just changed. He looked so exhausted and profoundly, deeply sad. And then one minute later, it was gone.” (Corliss 52) No one thought Mrs.Doubtfire had so many pinned up emotions. These emotions along with his regular use of cocaine and alcohol led to his demise. (Corliss 48) I feel Emerald is the real reason I felt so inclined to write about this topic. She was an amazing young girl, so full of life and energy. There was nothing like seeing her skip down the halls at school and then proceed to jump on my back and make me carry her to class. On the outside she was one of the happiest people I’ve seen. However, on the inside she felt socially isolated and alone. So many emotions and thoughts rush through your mind in the wake of such tragedy. I remember automatically thinking that I didn’t do enough to ensure that she…

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