The World 's Poorest Countries Essay

767 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
According to a 2013 report from the World Bank, the world’s sixteen poorest countries, as measured by per capital GDP, are all located in sub-Saharan Africa. However, Africa has large territory, so why is it so poor? If this question was asked before I took this course, I will have no clue at all. I know nothing about Africa, except that it is hot. However at this point, I can give a brief answer to this question. Land, colonization, education, disease, and nature resource are the primary causes which make Africa so poor. Africa not only has large land area, but it also has the largest desert, Saharan. As I mention in the introduction, the sixteenth poorest countries surround Sahara desert. It is hot, and the soil is not plentiful. As we know that if a land is not plentiful, then, there will not be many natural resources that they can use to make money. Furthermore, they also have to import many materials to make a living. This would be the internal effect, but there are also external effects of land. During 19th century, European came to Africa and colonized a lot of land. These land was under the control of the European. European took all their natural resources. The famous event that I learnt this semester is the red rubber. In this event, not only the European evolve but also the other rich rubber company. King Leopold II wants more money, therefore he leased and sold the land to the outside rubber company to get rubber in Congo. Rubber is Congo’s dominant natural…

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