Essay about The World 's First Democracy

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All throughout the existence of humans there have been some sort of order established between each other. There are leaders & followers and that has always been the bases of society. Royalty, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Political Figures, are seen at the head of the wolf pack while regular citizens, peasants, soldiers, etc. have been the establishment of all those great civilizations, the heart and soul with someone leading them into a direction. Whether it may benefit or destroy them. Now in the present we have documented history available to us always, looking back at past kingdoms and civilizations to not repeat what caused their downfalls as sort of a guideline. The Greek, Roman, & Muslim empires being the most prevalent and biggest kingdoms the world has ever seen, yet they all experienced a falling out period which we can observe.
The Greek set up the world’s first democracy within their empire. It worked out so well for them that we use it in the United States to this day. Of course, we do not follow exactly how they ran it; for example, only leaders in power could vote back then (military & political) and women (or slaves) couldn’t vote. There was a total of 20,000-40,000 men that were eligible to be a part of the assembly to vote and only about 6,000 showed up. Ancient Greek was also very advanced when it came to studying diseases. They moved away from believing diseases and illnesses were given by the god’s as punishment and finally decided that there were cures…

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