The World Year Leap By Cleon Skousen Essay

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The 5000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen analyzes the 28 principles that the Founding Fathers believed to be necessary for peace and prosperity in America and illustrates how those beliefs perpetuated greater progress in 200 years than was previosly made in 5000. To America by Stephen E. Ambrose is a historian’s personal reflections on America’s history and the people who contributed to making it into the country it is today. By analyzing both books, one can observe where America upheld and fell short in meeting the principles that the Founding Fathers viewed as essential to the country’s success. One can also view where America has fallen short in observing these principles and the effect left on the American people as a result. Certain principles were more significant to the founding and guiding of our country and had a more considerable effect on America. The principles that protected the natural rights of men, regulated the powers of government, and limited American involvement in foreign conflict were the most influential in the founding and development of our country. The 6th Principle, “All Men Were created Equal,” expresses that men are equal in “the sight of God, the sight of the law, and the protection of their rights” (Skousen 103). Although this principle was upheld during the Battle of New Orleans and the construction of Transcontinental Railroad, it was cast aside concerning America’s long struggle with racism. During the Battle of New Orleans, people of…

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