The World Will Be A Better Place If Only Secularist Politics Essay

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hat the world would be a better place if only secularist politics, were comprehensively instituted within political institutions. I will discuss this argument by looking at the issues that arise from theocracy in Iran, specifically the incompatibility of theocracy and democracy, and the issue of entrenching political policies in religious doctrines and what that means for change. I will then examine the different forms that secularism can take. Firstly, by examining the forced atheism of Soviet Russia, and the Judeo-Christian secularism of the United States of America, looking at how these forms of secularism do not fully overcome the issues presented in theocracy. Lastly I will examine laicite, looking particularly at France, and how through a “neutral public space” laicite overcomes the issues presented by the other theories. I will discuss the neutrality of secularism, and conclude that laicist policies should be implemented in political institutions as the world would be a better place if polices were implemented within the framework of common morality.


In a theocracy "God is recognized as the immediate ruler and his laws are taken as the legal code”. A theocracy is in direct contrast to a secular state, whereby the state purports to support or enforce no particular religion or irreligion. A discussion of the shortcomings of theocracy is not to suggest that it is the only alternative to secularism, but to highlight a few of the main issues with religious…

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