The World War II On The Depths Of Darkness Essay

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The engines of militarism and ultranationalism drove World War II to the depths of darkness in human history. The wars in Europe and Asia shared aspects of ultranationalism and yet were dissimilar in how these nations arrived at World War II and how they reacted afterwards. There is no question as to whether ultranationalist motives and racial myths insinuated human rights violations. However, war guilt remains a controversial and unsettled issue today. While ideas of glorification, racial superiority, and genocide were implemented collectively by Germany and Japan, victimization distinguishes these nations as Germany suffers admittance and guilt even as Japan diffuses and claims exaggeration in retrospect to war guilt due to harm inflicted.

A key difference between the war in Europe and the war in Asia during World War II was the build up to war in the two antagonizers, Germany and Japan. I discern the years building up to the war and armament demonstrate revolution versus gradual glorification from imperialism. The Weimar republic was tossed out of power without a backward glance as the National Socialist Party revolutionized Germany in just a few meteoric years with Hitler at its head. The dictatorship withdrew from the League of Nations in 1933, with rearmament beginning in 1934, and began its Anschluss of former German and Austrian-Hungarian territories (Lecture 13, October 29) producing a spectacular rise in Hitler’s popularity. Rearmament and dismantling the Treaty…

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