The World War II Had Destroyed The British Forces Essay

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World War II had destroyed the British forces heavily. The battle of Britain and the massive amount of destruction in Africa continent had made it impractical for the British to maintain the level of affairs; they had earlier in the Balkans and also in the Middle East. It was with the understanding of the situation that the President Truman and his team decided that the US had to be involved. All this led to creation of Truman Doctrine. So on March 12 1947, President Truman issued a Presidential statement stating that instant economic and military help to be given to the governments of Greece, and Turkey which came under pressure from Soviet development in the Mediterranean area because the Great Britain said that they won’t be able to afford giving aid to any of these counties. Both turkey and Greece became the targets for the Russians to have them come under the communistic satellites. Congress got $400 million to support the execution of this doctrine. This was in an addition to the $3 trillion which the US had given to the Great Britain.
After few weeks at the 1947 Harvard commencement the Secretary of State George C Marshall proposed a huge program for the U.S. aid to help recover the war torn Europe. At that time this was not noticed much, but then became a permanent part of the U.S Foreign policy. The Marshall plan in the 1948 poured some $12 billion into Europe, and became a big part of the U.S. effort to not only help the war torn Europe recover but also to contain…

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