The World Population Is Increasing Our Food Supply Without Sacrificing The Health Of Our Planet

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The main idea of this article was that the world population is increasing and we will need to approximately double the amount of crops we produce globally by 2050 in order to feed everyone adequately. This issue has been causing much debate and has pretty much split people into two groups, those who believe we need to implement more conventional large-scale agricultural practices and the opposition who believe we should focus on more local, smaller-scale organic agricultural practices. The article describes five steps to solving the quandary of increasing our food supply without sacrificing the health of our planet. The first step is to freeze agriculture’s footprint. This means that we need to stop deforestation that create more crop and rangeland and use the land we already have for these activities. Step two is to grow more food on the farms we already have. The main focus of this step is to increase the total yields on the less productive lands in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. This can be accomplished using the high-tech meticulous farming methods we are familiar with here in the Midwest mixed with organic faming approaches. The third step is to use the resources more efficiently. Using your resources in a more respectful manner can be accomplished through a variety of methods. These methods include using water saving irrigation practices, tailoring pesticides to specific soil types so as to prevent their runoff into local water resources, and…

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