Essay on The World Of World War II

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World War II Started in 1939 ended in 1945.
Hitler starts his rise of power through the ranks of Germany.
Hitler turns his back on the Versailles pact going to war over Poland.
Hitler 's rule starts to expand Europe as he takes over and forces people to join him or die.
Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor causing America to side with Britain and join in the war(Findley & Rothney,2011).
Adolf Hitler Decides to War with the United States which will eventually lead to the downfall of his once powerful nation.

Global Interrelatedness is the first theme of the four themes.
Global interrelatedness has to do with how the world connects globally hence the name.
Global Interrelatedness has to do with the fact that the world ties itself to each other globally and that the world is a unit in history instead of one set part of the country(Findley & Rothney,2011).
Lastly Global Interrelatedness is how the world connects with each other in things like trade for instance.

Global interrelatedness is important because:
Shows how we as cultures connect to each other.
The connection is through things like trading routes like the silk road(Findley & Rothney,2011).
Global Interrelatedness is how civilizations interact and change.

I think you can use Global interrelatedness in World War II by showing the alliance with Italy and Germany which connects them.
This shows is therefore connecting them culture to culture which is relevant to the theory of Global Interrelatedness.

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