Samuel P Huntington Clash Of Civilization Summary

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Alea Ortiguerra
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Identity Assignment The identity perspective is interested in the ideas that guide institutions and how power influences ideas. There are many different identity ideas that argue about how the world is shaped politically, such as the spread of democracy and ideals shape the world, that civilization and culture shape the world, that multiculturalism works towards cooperation, and the necessity to champion basic human rights. Each argument has its own analysis on what should be done to help the world.
Samuel P. Huntington wrote an article entitled The Clash of Civilization where he makes his argument that after the cold war the fundamental source of conflict would move away from ideological divisions and go towards conflict between civilizational divisions. Huntington defines civilization as the highest and broadest form of a
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Ideologies can still have influence on cultural identity and values. For example, western ideologies such as liberalism, social democracy, communism, and socialism, have changed the ways and cultures of people in western countries and how they view the world today. It is true in his argument that people of different civilizations are clashing, but it is not only based on solely cultural difference, but ideological differences that were set up in each other’s sphere of the world. The flaw in Fukuyama’s argument lays in the egoism that western ideologies, such as liberalism and democracy, is the only way in which a state can last and survive in the long run. In a way he appears biased and does not take into account the differences between western and non-western ideologies and how different they are, such as the western ideal of individualism is not seen as great in other non-western countries, which support more collectivist

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