Essay on The World Of The Aztec World

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Dating all the way back between the 1400’s and 1500’s in Mexico lived the Aztecs who were American Indians; one of the largest Indian nations that ever existed. They were responsible for the building of towering temples, the creation of sculptures, and held ceremonies to worship god. Legend says that in 1000AD, the Aztecs left their mythic, island home of Aztlan in the desert frontier of northern Mexico to begin their 100 year migration south to the Valley of Mexico in which they now live in. They managed to form an Empire from a simple hunter-gatherer group. They were fierce warrior’s pragmatic builders who ruthlessly created an empire in the fifteenth century, an empire that was only surpassed in size by the Incas in Peru. In the Aztec world, there are three main worlds that exist which include, “the earth world on which humans lived, an underworld which belonged to the dead and the upper plane in the sky.” Humans can enter either the earth or the underworld as they were welcomed to be a part of those worlds since the upper planes was not meant for humans to enter. The Atzec underworld was called Mictlan, which meant place of death. The upper planes were known to be in nine layers because Mictlan preferred different mythical beings for that world. One place was called Tlachon which was known as, “a verdant spring-like place with abundant water where people who drowned had their afterlife and Tamoanchan, a mythical place of the origin of the gods they were well known.”…

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