The World Of The 21st Century Essays

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The 21st century is witnessing rapid advancement in almost all spheres of life. But still, in this fast moving world, we tend to share certain values, and norms with others to communicate and connect with ourselves. In sociology, “a set of distinctive values, norms, and practices within a larger culture is defined as subculture”(Brym and Lie 2012:47). They are particularly formed when a person’s value, and beliefs develop around a particular fashion, style, religion practices etc. or with other individuals of same interest. Broadly speaking, everyone is engaged in some kind of subculture like drinking, playing a particular sport, a religion, etc. The subculture I am writing about is perhaps not much talked about.
Smoking is a common practice among the youngsters where they burn a substance where the smoke has to be inhaled in, and absorbed in the bloodstream. It can be an addiction and a source of pleasure for people. But smoking can also be considered as a subculture for many reasons. It is by millions of people around the world for variety of reasons. Once the last person in the group is done with smoking, the group tends to disperse from the spot, which strengthens my belief that smokers have a non-verbal means to communicate. The bond that we smokers share involves gestures and generosity towards each other. It includes “bumming” cigarettes to another smoker, which means lending your cigarettes to another person who is out of smokes, conversing and passing time…

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