The World Of Space Is Becoming An Increasing Reality Essay

1026 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
As we progress evermore into the modern age, the colonization of space is becoming an increasing reality. Humans always colonize what they see. And as our advancements have allowed us to see space for real, it is the next logical step in colonization. With no precedent for colonization, it is one of the last true areas for which the countries of the world will race for settlement. Unsurprisingly, as with any occupation, countries’ militaries and their influence will be an ever increasing voice and power. Thus, the proliferation of military technology in space is an undeniable concern and forefront ethical issue. With a variety of factors to consider, it is evident that the negative ethical and societal consequences that accompany the militarization of space do indeed outweigh any potential positive outcomes. Humans have always thought of the sky as some unreachable curiosity. It was the home of gods in ancient times and was the source of scientific inspiration for millennia after. It was not until the 20th century that this faraway oddity became a tangible reality. During World War I, the Germans developed the so-called “Paris Gun” because it could be shot from over 100 km away to strike Paris. This technological advancement led to the idea that if artillery could be fired over distance, it could potentially be fired straight up and into space. Thus, in World War II, at the forefront of German technology was the idea of creating a missile capable of striking targets over…

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