The World Of Half By Cristina Henriquez Essay

1349 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
During this quarter we have cover various themes throughout all the reading we were assign. The last novel we had to read was The World in Half by Cristina Henríquez and what made this book so different and unique from the others was it’s location, Panama. The others novels and stories we read were about immigrants from Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico, which are the most popular Latino community. Other Spanish speaking countries don 't get much recognition in the United States, especially Central America. Most americans can’t distinguish all of the Spanish-speaking countries, so they put all of us in the same box. Novels similar to The World in Half contribute to a more diverse representation of U. S. Latinos since, Americans know very little of Central America countries and the majority think that we are all Mexicans. The purpose of the author in creating a character with an origin in Panama, is to let the reader know about more Spanish-speaking countries that are not Mexico, Puerto Rico or Cuba. Central American history are not discuss with much detail and this isn 't only an issue in the U.S. During my education in Puerto Rico I only got to learn about the Panama Canal in my U.S history class and it was because I had to do a presentation. We did get learn about South American experiences and history, Central America was something not discuss. Now that I think that I notice how strange it is to be so close to Central America and have so many similarities and not know…

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