Essay The World Of Critical Analysis

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The next major argument in the world of critical analysis rests in the amount of literary references used in Donne’s work. Some critics pronounce that Donne believed in new ideas and cultivated them, using literary references as models for his own poetry. Some regard that Donne was not only learned, but used science and mythology to make a specific point in his poetry, appealing to a wider range of critical thinkers. Others disagree with both statements, saying that Donne’s success was merely lucky and he held education to little importance, following blindly after the church. Some critics are convinced that John Donne consciously added literary allusions to his work. Caroline Spurgeon states that Donne’s treatment of love is similar to that of the Greek philosophers “he holds the Platonic conception, that love concerns the soul only, and is independent of the body or bodily presence; and he is the poet, who, at his best, expresses this idea in a most dignified and refined way” (Spurgeon 75). Furthermore, she points out that in “The Extasie,” “…he describes the union of the souls of two lover in language which proves his familiarity with the description of ecstasy given by Plotinus.” According to Spurgeon, Donne was an individual who believed in the benefits of his own education. Other critics worry themselves with the reasoning behind Donne’s revival of interest in the 1920s.Some found that his resurgence was because he continued to be “the most self-willed individualist…

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