The World Is Not An Inherently Bad Place Essay

1121 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
From both human contributions and natural sources, our planet is constantly changing. New scientific discoveries with the potential to save lives are occurring, new technology is making it increasingly common to have communications with people and groups across previously uncrossable boundaries, and humans are constantly breaking records and norms to challenge what we believe is possible. The world is not an inherently bad place, but we have our problems. While we are accomplishing all of these amazing feats, we are also polluting our air and allowing greenhouse gases to accumulate in our atmosphere. Sources of life sustaining water are being contaminated, and forests are quickly shrinking as deserts and cities grow. With all of the advances being made, our generation has the potential to live a great life and pass it on to those that come after us, but this is only if we use what we have to address these global issues and solve them before it is too late. In some places, this has already started, but in others it is being ignored. From region to region and country to country, policies on climate change differ. One of the most active countries on this issue is Morocco, which I will address in this paper.
Many of us do not know much about the country of Morocco, which makes sense given that it is across the globe from us. If all you have to go off of is a simple google search, you will see a quick overview, a little bit of news, and several tourism websites.…

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