The World Is Made Up Of Land And Sea And Those Elements Are Owned By People

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The world is made up of land and sea and those elements are owned by people. Humanity consists of morals and everything in between - evil and goodness, generosity to selfishness. Individual people inherit their own mindset through their environment and peers. Though, sometimes the way one thinks and feels enables them to believe that their ideas are the only notion to be universally accepted. Self-righteousness often leads to cultivation of garnering like-minded people. Humans are influenced by their species as some will choose to agree and disagree and in turn, gain and lose members of a division fit for shared views. Planet Earth is not a stranger to the process of colonization. Colonization is the process of a group of people relocating to unfamiliar land with the intent to achieve prosperity. With this hopeful intention, the humans must acquire success through population, peace, and common culture. Though, there are times when conflict arises that threaten prosperous success which ultimately leads to the downfall of one of two opponent subjects. Wars break out as people fight for their beliefs and territory, however, there is only one winner. A late award-winning Nigerian author known as Chinua Achebe often writes of cultural differences, cultivation, and conflict between the lands of Africa and Europe. Chinua Achebe demonstrates how British colonization has affected and divided the Igbo people and their culture through his fiction. One of Achebe’s works titled Arrow…

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