Essay The World Is Flat "The Triple Convergence"

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Fall 2013 – Mini project
“The World Is Flat”
November 18, 2013

Part I
“The World Is Flat” The Triple Convergence

The ten world flatteners mentioned in chapter two of the book “The World is Flat” together shaped a new global platform and embraced a new workflow system. This new platform permitted the world to join forces and interconnect in ways it had never interconnected before. Thanks to this new platform, geography, time, or distance was no longer a barrier for different sides of the world to collaborate.
Due to the creation of “complementary software, the internet, and political factors” (Friedman) countries like China, Russia, India and Latin America, opened
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We also contract work out and open the opportunity for businesses to compete. With this new global platform, global integration gives organizations here in the U.S and in smaller countries the ability to communicate. With countries and organizations having this access, it creates what is known as the Global Sourcing from Triple Convergence.
This new platform couldn’t be beneficial if we didn’t change the way we do business. “The big spurts in productivity come when a new technology, or a new platform of technology is combined with the new ways of doing business…” (Friedman, 2005) . With my organization, we develop GPS for the Amy, and this statement made Friedman is so true. We went from developing GPS to developing a new more secure now position, navigation, and timing known as PNT. With this new development from my organization, the Army will undergo what Friedman referred to as “horizontalization”. The new technology and new ways of doing business concept is a hard hurdle to cross when you’re dealing with the Army.
In globalization 3.0, things are moved from a vertical “chain of command” to a horizontal “chain of command” for value creation. Wal-Mart is a great example of this. The store’s supply chain ensures the stock is on the shelves. My organization uses a similar system that keeps the soldiers supplied with equipment they need in order to complete a mission. But one of the most important horizontal “chain of command” that

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