The World Is A Global Problem Essay

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1. World is a global village, every aspect of life is within reach even in speed of light. This is an achievement as communication between places becomes easier, people and their belongings, pets know interact, moves locally and beyond borders in millions with ease and by various means. This is not without its shortcomings as its rather easier to transfer dangerous diseases such as Dengue and Ebola between places unnoticed! Communicable diseases continue to be a major problem globally accounted Gupta and Guin(2010), viewed on different pointers as potentially dangerous diseases such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AIDS, Tuberculosis TB and Malaria. Gupta et al reckoned other diseases are less malicious and are easily curtailed. TB will be discussed, the way it continued to be a global menace and what has been done to eradicate it. El-Hamzi and Otaibi (2012) considered TB as a poor man 's disease found in less industrialised regions of the globe and in western world, seen amongst the migrants and people with less opportunity to work. El-Hamzi and Otaibi mentioned TB mostly affect the lungs with purulent exudate seen as coughs, three active droplets are enough to initiate an infection in a vulnerable person and other type are outside the lungs which may show signs or seen as an idle state.

2. TB alone or with HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of adult deaths all over the globe and a sizeable amount of children are without parents as a…

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