Tuberculosis Case Study

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Tuberculosis (TB) was declared global emergency by The World Health Organization in 1993. It is an airborne bacteria that basically affects the lungs, it can be spread when a person with the active TB sneezes or coughs. Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death among curable infectious diseases worldwide. In TB in the US-Mexico Border Region remains a serious public health problem. It is one of the most serious problems along the border; this is due to first, the abundance of low income families and expensive health care in the border area; second, the daily commute of so many people who travel in the United States for school, employment, and commerce, third, the language and differences within cultures; and the most important there should be more emphasize in both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border working together in order to decrease the cases of TB, however, it is
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In another setting data analysis shows a very clear correlation between the high rates of Tuberculosis (TB) and the borders. As I mentioned before, Tuberculosis (TB) is hard to control since borders have thousand of people crossing every day back and forth, also the bi-national community has a lot to do with it. Furthermore, stigma was found one of the biggest problems since is one of the factors keeping people from seeking treatment or undergo screening. Additionally the data showed the following local, state and Mexico border

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