The World I And Modernist Art Movement Essay

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Imagine being convinced to go to a different country for a job, not knowing what life would be like in this country, what type of job it is and not knowing the negative effects of going there, but the only knowledge that you have is that you 're supporting your country and many people are encouraging you to take the job. You then end up in a harsh living environment, filled with poverty, a lot of crime and illegal actions that makes you scared and want to move back home. This is exactly what many soldiers experienced when being recruited to join the military force. This was one of the biggest problems that occurred during War World I and has left a legacy and impact on our Modern society. Due to the influential change that the movement of modernist art had, many people today now understand what is really going on in the military. War World I and modernist art movement both relate to each other by showing the rejections of the Western Society and culture during this time period. Modern art movements such as Cubism, and realism, made the propagandas reject the traditionalist attitudes art are sought to champion their own particular agenda of modernism. The legacy and impact of World War I rejected the soldiers way of living when sent to war, in resulting the soldiers returning as a different person.
During World War I, there were many propagandas that were created to influence teens to join the army. The reason behind the propagandas was that many people viewed war as a…

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