The World And Other Places By Jeanette Winterson Essay

1466 Words Sep 19th, 2016 6 Pages
A person can go through their whole life, without being knowledgeable to what it means to live. Some individuals live their lives according to what society says the proper way to live their lives is. The definition of life for some people is it’s a recurring cycle of life, survival then death but its way more than that. Statistics say that the average life span of an American male or female is 78 years old. Therefore, there is so much more to living, then life and death it means that an individual should live life day by day and never take anything for granted but appreciate everything while it’s there. In Jeanette Winterson’s essay, “The World and Other Places” she introduces a narrator that explains his life story and his background of coming from a less-fortunate family who travels through their imagination. Winterson uses the narrator’s travels to introduce three characters that share commonalities and themes all throughout the text. These characters share a common theme of self-invention, acceptance, and learning what it is to live life. Each of these characters cause the narrator to question things about his life. The contrasting questions of how to earn a living and how to live causes a different thinking process in the minds of different people. Earning a living merely has to do with to earn enough money to pay for necessity items, while how to live questions one’s purpose, happiness, accomplishments and one’s overall being. There is a difference between earning a…

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